Welcome to EZ StackBlocks the revolutionary self aligning block system for home and building construction.

EZ StackBlocks system was designed ideally for any construction project where traditional wall building techniques are used but with significant savings advantages over traditional construction. This is a mortar less block system using an interlocking keyway which provide stability upon completion. The cells of each block align properly so they can be filled with grout and reinforcement rods which enhance the vertical load carry capabilities.

Cost reduction solution – EZ StackBlocks save on labor, time, cement, formwork, scaffolding, bracing, crane costs and clean up costs. Saving up to 50% of your project costs compared to typical CMU (concrete masonry unit).

Easier - EZ StackBlocks can be stacked by skilled and unskilled personnel by simply stacking blocks together once the first row of block is secured and squared. This block is dry stacked, interlocking and self aligning all at the same time based on the unique block design.

Faster - When using EZ StackBlocks, block stacking rate can be more then twice as fast regardless of the weather conditions.

Stronger – As referenced in our technical detail tab, EZ StackBlocks “Load Bearing” wall is more then twice a typical CMU construction. It has been proven that this system has almost twice the shear capacity when considering conventional mortared block.

Additional features –

  • No mortar needed until core grout fill
  • No bracing needed when filling with grout
  • Fire resistance construction
  • Creates strong and durable wall/buildings
  • Impervious to vermin and rot
  • No special training necessary
  • No weather concerns
  • Optional building Strengths based on construction processes
  • Apply surface stucco to both sides of a completed wall

You design it - you can build it - with EZ StackBlocks