Q. You say “Mortarless system” but does that really mean that all the walls can be layed with no mortar between the courses?

A. With the EZ StackBlocks system you have a choice with the first course. You can use the optional Starter Strip not requiring any mortar or you can use the conventional construction method having the first course layed in a bed of mortar. Either method is acceptable. No other mortar is used or is necessary between each course throughout the wall construction.

Q. How do I waterproof the blocks for basements?

A. Once a wall is constructed with EZ StackBlocks a coating of fiber reinforced concrete stucco is required to be applied to both sides of the wall. This achieves water, insect and maintenance-free colorfast stucco beauty. For any blocks below grade EZ StackBlocks can be waterproofed as if they were a regular concrete wall. Bitumen or tar can be applied onto the clean stucco or blocks with a simple roller or sprayed on.

Q. How well does the stucco or grout adhere to the blocks?

A. Very well. EZ StackBlocks are a concrete based product, which makes them ideal for direct application of up to 1/8” coating of stucco or grout. The course surface of the blocks provide good adhesion of stucco.

Q. Can we use EZ StackBlocks as lintels over openings?

A. Yes, your engineer will specify steel locations and consider using the stater strip along with EZstackblocks and reinforcing rods.

Q. Can EZ StackBlocks be layed in the rain with wet blocks or in cold weather.

A. Yes, There is no mortar between the EZ StackBlocks courses, water will not effect the block laying procedure. However if you choose to use mortar for the first course of block that mortar must be dry before stacking the wet blocks above it.

Q. How does the final cost of EZ StackBlocks compare with conventional block construction?

A. The EZ StackBlocks system can be layed two to three times faster then conventional mortared block construction. So just the savings alone has a flow-on effect. Example, three weeks of savings on a job can save three weeks of scaffold hire, three weeks of skilled labor and three weeks of outgoing loan monies,…and the list goes on.

Q. What about costs savings when comparing to other types of construction?

A. The savings are enormous… When constructing a structure from EZ StackBlocks recent studies have shown a 40 to 60% savings when compared to wood structures in time and labor alone. Almost a 90% savings in waste materials as well.

Q. Is it possible to insert services inside the wall during the stacking process and prior to the grout pour?

A. Yes, EZ StackBlocks are designed with a utility groove in the top key way allowing for services or reinforcement rods. This will also save cutting the services into the wall after completion, that could weaken the wall structure.